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Mobile Is Another Endpoint: CIS Critical Security Controls for Mobile

CISOs and CIOs don’t have it easy. I know. Understatement. As technology evolves, both must stay true to the times while maintaining their company’s compliance, security and safety. In 2008, the Center for Internet Security (CIS) was established and published best practice guidelines for computer security, known as the “Critical Security Controls for Effective Cyber … Read More

Zimperium Customers Protected From Monokle Malware

According to Threatpost, another new malicious Android app – dubbed “Monokle”- is gaining attention. While Monokle has some interesting capabilities (e.g., making extensive use of Android accessibility services to exfiltrate data and predictive-text dictionaries to understand a target’s interests), it is still basically another malicious app. Monokle is a highly-targeted malicious app (Monokle has been … Read More