Cutting Through The Weekly Mobile Security Noise: The Rise of Android Threats

The rise of Android-developed malware is creating a serious problem for organizations. Research firm Strategy Analytics found that “81.3 percent of smartphones sold in the third quarter of 2013 were powered by Android” and that number is continuing to soar. The increasing popularity of these devices is attracting cyber criminals who have started to view … Read More

What Verizon Missed in the Latest Threat Report

By: Zuk Avraham, Joshua Drake, Yaniv Karta, Jimmy Shah (To download the detailed report, click here) Recently, Verizon published a report that says that malware on mobile is not an issue. We strongly suggest Verizon and other enterprises not underestimate the scale of one percent. The sheer number of mobile devices deployed mean that one … Read More

Cutting Through The Weekly Mobile Security Noise: Data Breach Recap

“We have known for a long time that there are significant vulnerabilities,” Obama said during a press conference in Germany. “And these vulnerabilities are going to accelerate for a long time.” The President commented on the chaos we’ve seen over the past few weeks, where a number of large scale security breaches have reportedly hit … Read More

Apple patches major security vulnerabilities in the watchOS

Is the Apple Watch secure? While everyone is tuned in to WWDC 2015, waiting for the latest moves and releases from San Francisco, there are those of us whose first reaction is to see, and sometimes find, the potential security vulnerabilities that come with each new iOS and gadget. The Apple Watch is no exception, … Read More