Cutting through the Weekly Mobile Security Noise: Past, Present and Future Threats

It’s been another eventful week in the cyber security world. We’ve been monitoring conversations around a security breach at the White House, another OpenSSL flaw, a new attack called “drive-by-logins” and a WordPress plug-in vulnerability. This week’s events highlight just how careful users need to be regarding the past, present and future state of cyber … Read More

Cutting through the Weekly Mobile Security Noise: Defending Data & Managing Risks

As data breaches continue to make headlines, the need for a cyber security solution has become a growing concern for organizations. We’ve learned that early detection and effective response planning is critical to reducing aftermath. This week we’ve been monitoring conversations around a game-streaming hack, Android OS flaws, mobile app vulnerabilities and several stories involving … Read More

BYOD Changes the Game – Are You Ready to Play?

It seems that with each major developer event covered by the media, a new device enters the work place. From the Apple Watch to wearables, tablets and smartphones, bring your own device (BYOD) is no longer something to try to plan for in the future, but something companies have to deal with right now. And … Read More

Cutting through the Weekly Mobile Security Noise: Shifting from B2C to B2B

This week we’ve been tracking a number of stories involving high-profile data breaches, Yahoo’s new security protocol and the “USB killer.” While concerns over these recent episodes continue to rise, mobile security has been making the move from the consumer sector to a business market that is desperate for an innovative and effective security solution. … Read More