Cutting Through the Weekly Mobile Security Noise: The Weakest Link

In the world of cyber security there is no denying that we are only as strong as our weakest link. The main issue however is trying to predict which link is most likely to make a mistake and leave an organization vulnerable to a potential security breach. This week we saw the conversation focused on … Read More

Is the White House Coming Up Short on Cybersecurity…

As millions watched the State of the Union address on Tuesday night, I know many of us in the cyber industry were interested to see if, and how, cybersecurity would be addressed. The subject has finally hit the mainstream media, movies, magazines and now the national stage! This is a striking departure after long being … Read More

Don’t take a knife to a gunfight – the mobile security dilemma

Zimperium is growing with more customers, partners and most recently, more talent! We’re pleased to announce the appointment of John Michelsen to the role of Chief Product Officer, CPO. John will be working closely to manage our development and product roadmap to continue our commitment to excellence for our enterprise mobile users around the world. … Read More

No Patch to Same Origin Policy (SOP) Bypass in Old Android Devices

By: Zuk Avraham and Rachel Ackerly Is Google abandoning their customers? A recent policy change at Google to stop producing security updates for Android 4.3 or older could jeopardize roughly 930 million Android users. This translates into about 60% of all Android users, many who would never realize they were even exposed or vulnerable in … Read More