VMware & Zimperium Demonstrate Best-of-Breed Unified Endpoint Security (UES) Approach Desired by Global 1000 CISOs

I recently had the pleasure of hosting a webinar with VMware on our joint unified endpoint security (UES) approach leveraging VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence and Zimperium zIPS.  During the webinar, in which we demonstrated our integration, I was joined by Steve DeJarnett, Director of Product Management for VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence, Jon Paterson, Chief Technology … Read More

Mobile Endpoint Security | The Importance of Mobile Security

Underestimating the Importance of Mobile Security Suppose one of your business’s employees was out and about one day and her mobile device got hacked. The general consensus would be it’s not exactly a disaster. It’s unlikely that you store your enterprise’s intellectual property on a given employee’s smartphone.  It’s not as if we have seen … Read More

Zimperium Discovers MobOk Malware Left Undetected by AV Industry for Months

zLabs researchers have uncovered a new variant of the MobOk campaign. The samples found evaded detection by AV vendors for months. Zimperium worked with Google to ensure removal from the Play Store.  The new variant samples: Hide themselves from mobile antivirus (AV) vendors; Subscribe to premium mobile services; Avoid image-based CAPTCHA; Avoid two-factor authentication (2FA); … Read More