The President’s Executive Order on Cybersecurity is a Massive Shift for Security

The latest ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline highlights the worst secret in cybersecurity; our nation’s critical infrastructure is not prepared to stand up against the modern cyber threats. Systems like these have been the target for attacks from domestic and foreign cybercriminals for years. These groups are armed with the latest and most effective zero-day … Read More

Why Mobile Threat Defense is an Absolute Requirement to Protect O365/Teams Users & Zero Trust Efforts

Government agencies’ usage of Microsoft Office 365 and Teams has skyrocketed (over 900% for some agencies). Unfortunately, the cyber threats to the GFE and BYOD mobile devices that are accessing O365 has also significantly increased. Without implementing mobile threat defense (MTD) solutions, agencies and their “Zero Trust” initiatives are exposed and at risk.  Adversaries only … Read More